Sunrise Time, Sunset Time Today

Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States (America/New_York - (EST), UTC-05:00)

Sunrise, Sunset Times Today

• Today's date: Mon, November 12, 2018

• Time in Ashburn now: 19:18

☼ Sunrise time: 06:50

☀ Sunset time: 17:00

🕒 Length of day: 10h 09m

Sunrise, Sunset Times Tomorrow

Sunrise, Sunset Times 2018

Sunrise Sunset Times
Sunlight TodayStartsEnds
Morning astronomical twilight05:1905:50
Morning nautical twilight05:5006:22
Morning civil twilight06:2206:50
Morning Golden Hour06:5307:29
Solar Noon11:55
Evening Golden Hour16:2116:57
Evening civil twilight17:0017:28
Evening nautical twilight17:2818:00
Evening astronomical twilight18:0018:31

• Sunrise Starts: Top edge of the sun appears on the horizon.

• Sunrise Ends / Sunset Starts: Bottom edge of the sun touches the horizon.

• Sunset Ends: Sun disappears below the horizon.

• Golden Hour: Soft light, best time for photography.

• Solar Noon: Sun is in the highest position.

• Night Starts: Dark enough for astronomical observations.

Sunrise, Sunset Times in Ashburn

NovDaySunriseSunsetDay Length
11Sun06:49:4917:00:5410h 11m 05s
12Mon06:50:5717:00:0210h 09m 05s
13Tue06:52:0416:59:1210h 07m 08s
14Wed06:53:1216:58:2410h 05m 12s
15Thu06:54:2016:57:3710h 03m 17s
16Fri06:55:2716:56:5310h 01m 26s
17Sat06:56:3416:56:1009h 59m 36s
18Sun06:57:4116:55:2909h 57m 48s
19Mon06:58:4816:54:5009h 56m 02s
20Tue06:59:5416:54:1309h 54m 19s
21Wed07:01:0016:53:3709h 52m 37s
22Thu07:02:0516:53:0409h 50m 59s
23Fri07:03:1016:52:3309h 49m 23s
24Sat07:04:1516:52:0309h 47m 48s
25Sun07:05:1816:51:3609h 46m 18s
26Mon07:06:2216:51:1109h 44m 49s
27Tue07:07:2416:50:4709h 43m 23s
28Wed07:08:2616:50:2609h 42m 00s
29Thu07:09:2716:50:0709h 40m 40s
30Fri07:10:2716:49:5009h 39m 23s
DecDaySunriseSunsetDay Length
1Sat07:11:2616:49:3409h 38m 08s
2Sun07:12:2416:49:2209h 36m 58s
3Mon07:13:2216:49:1109h 35m 49s
4Tue07:14:1816:49:0209h 34m 44s
5Wed07:15:1316:48:5509h 33m 42s
6Thu07:16:0716:48:5109h 32m 44s
7Fri07:16:5916:48:4909h 31m 50s
8Sat07:17:5116:48:4909h 30m 58s
9Sun07:18:4116:48:5009h 30m 09s
10Mon07:19:3016:48:5509h 29m 25s
11Tue07:20:1716:49:0109h 28m 44s

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