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What time is Dawn?

Location: City of London, England, United Kingdom

Latitude: 51.5156177

Longitude: -0.0919983

Time Zone: UTC/GMT+00:00

Time Zone ID: Europe/London

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What time is Dawn?

Today's date: Fri, December 08, 2023

Time now:

Dawn time today: 07:13 am

Dawn time tomorrow: 07:14 am

Dawn time for 2023

Dawn time for December 2023

What time is dusk?

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Sunrise, Sunset Times 2023

What is Civil Dawn? Civil Dawn is the moment when the geometric center of the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon in the morning (Morning nautical twilight ends, morning civil twilight starts).

Morning Civil Twilight occurs when the Sun is less than 6 degrees below the horizon, it begins when the Sun is 6 degrees below the horizon and ends at sunrise.

Civil Dawn

Dawn time in City of London, England, United Kingdom

Dec 2023DayDawnSunrise
Dec 7thThursday07:12 am07:52 am
Dec 8thFriday07:13 am07:53 am
Dec 9thSaturday07:14 am07:54 am
Dec 10thSunday07:15 am07:55 am
Dec 11thMonday07:16 am07:56 am
Dec 12thTuesday07:17 am07:57 am
Dec 13thWednesday07:18 am07:58 am
Dec 14thThursday07:19 am07:59 am
Dec 15thFriday07:20 am08:00 am
Dec 16thSaturday07:21 am08:01 am
Dec 17thSunday07:21 am08:02 am
Dec 18thMonday07:22 am08:02 am
Dec 19thTuesday07:23 am08:03 am
Dec 20thWednesday07:23 am08:04 am
Dec 21stThursday07:24 am08:04 am
Dec 22ndFriday07:24 am08:05 am
Dec 23rdSaturday07:25 am08:05 am
Dec 24thSunday07:25 am08:06 am
Dec 25thMonday07:26 am08:06 am
Dec 26thTuesday07:26 am08:06 am
Dec 27thWednesday07:26 am08:07 am
Dec 28thThursday07:26 am08:07 am
Dec 29thFriday07:27 am08:07 am
Dec 30thSaturday07:27 am08:07 am
Dec 31stSunday07:27 am08:07 am
Jan 2024DayDawnSunrise
Jan 1stMonday07:27 am08:07 am
Jan 2ndTuesday07:27 am08:07 am
Jan 3rdWednesday07:27 am08:07 am
Jan 4thThursday07:27 am08:06 am
Jan 5thFriday07:26 am08:06 am
Jan 6thSaturday07:26 am08:06 am

Dawn a moment steeped in symbolism and natural allure, stands as more than a mere time on the clock; it is a pivotal transition between night and the onset of a new day. This transient yet profound period has captivated humans throughout history, inspiring a multitude of poets, artists, and philosophers.

Dawn unfolds just before the sun, in its majestic arc, crosses the horizon to signal the commencement of the day. It marks the period when the darkness of night gradually gives way to the first hints of light, a prelude to sunrise. This phase, known as twilight, can be segmented into three distinct stages: astronomical, nautical, and civil dawn, each representing varying degrees of light and unfolding at different times before the sunrise.

Astronomical dawn is the first stage of twilight. It occurs when the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon. During this phase, the sky begins its transition, brightening yet still hosting visible stars, generally too dim for most activities. For astronomers, this is an opportune moment for sky observations, free from the sun’s interference.

Following this is nautical dawn, with the sun positioned between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. At this phase, the horizon starts becoming discernible at sea, crucial for sailors and navigators. It's the moment when the separation line between sea and sky becomes clear, allowing for precise navigational readings using the stars and the horizon.

Civil dawn, the final phase of twilight before the sun rises, happens when the sun is just below the horizon. The sky is sufficiently lit for most outdoor activities to occur without artificial lighting. Often, this is when people awaken, birds commence their morning songs, and the world gradually comes to life.

The timing of dawn varies significantly based on geographical location and the season. Near the equator, dawn tends to occur rapidly and at a more consistent time year-round. However, moving away from the equator, the variation in dawn's timing becomes more pronounced, especially between summer and winter months, due to the Earth's axial tilt.

Dawn, transcending its physical manifestation, holds profound cultural and spiritual significance. It symbolizes new beginnings, hope, and renewal, analogous to sunrise, which heralds the day's start. Many cultures and religions align rituals and prayers with dawn, seeing it as a time of purity, tranquility, and divine connection. This period often corresponds with meditation, introspection, and setting intentions for the new day.

In artistic and literary realms, dawn, much like sunset, has been a boundless source of inspiration. It has been personified, romanticized, and revered across various mediums. Dawn represents the victory of light over darkness, a theme deeply resonant with the human spirit.

Dawn's scientific implications are also noteworthy. It plays a critical role in Earth's ecology, signaling the commencement of day for many plants and animals. The shift in light at dawn triggers diverse behaviors in wildlife, from the blooming of flowers to the awakening of diurnal species.

Dawn is more than a temporal marker; it is a daily spectacle imbued with profound significance. Its ever-evolving nature reminds us of our planet's perpetual motion and the cycles governing life. Dawn, akin to sunset, is not just visually splendid but also symbolizes hope, renewal, and the perpetual cycle of day and night that shapes our existence. It offers a moment of serenity and anticipation, a pause before the day's hustle, providing an opportunity for reflection, aspiration, and a fresh beginning.

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